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Kimberly Frazier



A life coach is a professional who helps clients achieve their personal and professional goals – finding a soul mate, landing a dream job, growing a business, losing weight. And sometimes people are not clear what exactly they want. Life coaching provides them with guidance on how to make decisions at various crossroads in life.

Life coaching offers no magic bullets or quick-fixes. It relies on principles of positive psychology and empowers clients to generate lasting transformation. It takes time to build physical muscles and, similarly, a life coach helps to build clients’ mental muscles so they can think differently and approach life more effectively. Clients will gradually develop the strength to face challenges in life with ease and grace.

How do you help your clients?

My coaching is all about following your own unique path. I help you discover what excites you, what is meaningful to you and what has been holding you back. Together we design a personalized action plan to help you move forward and stay on track.

I provide guidance, support, tools and feedback. Accountability is a key element here. Research shows that people are much more likely to complete a task when they are held accountable for the results.

To me, coaching is an intimate, synergistic partnership. By combining intuitive perceptivity with cutting-edge coaching techniques, I help you shift your awareness and connect with a deeper sense of purpose. This will inspire you to take action leading to sustainable change.

What happens during a life coaching session?

I start by taking stock of your current situation and clarifying your vision. I ask questions designed to challenge your assumptions, encourage your own insights and explore your options. I incorporate various exercises and meditation to facilitate the state of mindfulness. Once your goals and anticipated milestones have been defined, you will make a commitment to taking specific action steps before we meet next. We will then review the progress and make necessary adjustments until you reach your desired results.

How does life coaching differ from traditional therapies?­

Coaching and therapies work with different paradigms. Of course each practitioner works differently but therapy tends to treat past emotional issues while coaching considers that clients are healthy, and focuses on where they are now, where they want to be, and how to get there. In general, coaching is more action-oriented.

Who do you work with?

I have worked with a variety of clients for over 15 years from average citizens to business owners, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and corporate professionals. I work  with people of various backgrounds, gender and age groups. I primarily work with women of all ages, helping them make better relationship and career choices. Many of my clients are introverted individuals seeking to create a fulfilling relationship and a satisfying career in a most authentic way.

Clients who come to me are committed to their personal growth. They are open to new perspectives and ready to invest energy and resources into achieving their desired results.

Is your service covered by insurance?

No, my coaching service is not covered by insurance. However, payment options are available.